loyalty in Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet -
your card in your customer's phone

Apple Wallet cards are a universal solution for any business

Do you use a loyalty program with bonus or discount cards, sell tickets or subscriptions, attract new customers with the help of discount coupons or certificates - Ap card ple Wallet will help you with this.


Change the customer's card balance or its status, send a message or block the card. Manage cards and interact with your customers with Apple Wallet.

New customer registration

To receive a card, the client fills out the questionnaire on the registration page or receives a link, if it is already registered or registration is carried out on the side of the POS or CRM system.
Simple synchronization with your POS or CRM system.

Card presentation

Double-clicking the power button on the iPhone opens Wallet, which can contain yours cards of regular customers. And the use of geo or microlocation can make this process even more easier

Sending messages

The client can receive 2 types of messages from you: transactional and informational.
Transactional - messages about balance change, coupon redemption or use gift certificate.
Informative - notices about current promotions, new ones receipts, sales, etc.

And all this without downloading and installing third-party applications.