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Ready loyalty programs
based on digital cards

Bonus (cumulative) loyalty program

Loyalty bonus program involves accruing a certain percentage of bonuses from the purchase amount.

The advantage of using a loyalty bonus program is that the customer pays the full cost of the product or service, and to receive the bonus, he needs to do as again minimum second purchase. Thereby you encourage repeat sales by selling your products or services at full cost to one-time buyers.

digital loyalty cards can be integrated into your existing loyalty program or you can use our bonus system.

Simple configuration of the loyalty program allows you to launch the bonus program in a short time, saving time and money on its development and implementation, and the use of a mobile phone or a tablet for accruing and deducting bonuses – to reduce the cost of purchasing additional equipment.

Discount (discount) loyalty program

The discount loyalty program provides a fixed percentage discount from the purchase amount for card holder

The advantage of using a discount loyalty program is the simplicity of its implementation and using.

digital discount loyalty cards can be integrated into an existing program loyalty or you can use our discount control system.

Our system allows you to check the validity of the card and control the legality discounting by your employees. To give a discount, the employee scans the card client with their mobile phone or tablet. If the customer's card exists and is active, the employee enters the purchase amount and the system calculates discount amount and payment amount based on the discount percentage set for this card. Data about the transaction are entered in the Register and are available in the personal account.

Promotion "Every 7th coffee is free"

The most common loyalty program for coffee shops.

The easiest-to-use loyalty program for both staff and clients. Replace paper cards and stamps with modern digital cards.

Get a test card with the promotion "Every 5th coffee for free" in Viber

Get a test card with the promotion "Every 5th coffee is free" in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet