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Advantages of
digital loyalty cards

before plastic cards and mobile applications

Advantages of digital cards to increase your loyalty customers

Convenience for the client

No downloading and installing programs. Simple receipt and presentation of the card. Without dictating your number at the cash register.

Receiving a card

Each client can create his own profile, thereby personalizing his card. Instruct him to fill out the questionnaire on his own right away on his mobile phone.

Attracting new customers

Cards can be distributed using printed products using a QR code, placement of buttons and links on the website or pages of social networks, sending SMS and Email. digital coupons can be used to attract new customers or offered to get a card for a certain reward.

Current balance display

The client's phone displays his current balance. Placement is possible on the back information about your loyalty program, contact information, etc.

Push Notifications

Unlimited sending of messages about your promotions and special offers. Possibility sending personal messages to a specific client.

Geo message

Sending messages to customers within walking distance of your store. Make urgent, time-limited offers for quick sales.

Microlocation messages

Use iBeacon technology - let your message appear on the phone screen customer right in your store or a few meters away from it.


E-card service can be integrated with any system connected to internet networks. We provide an extensive REST API and Webhooks. You can also use a ready solution for integration with POS or CRM systems, such as Poster, iiko, SmartTouch and others.

Service quality control

A request for feedback and suggestions after the client's visit will help to get the necessary information. If necessary, you can quickly contact the client to resolve the conflict situations