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Efficiency and comfort

loyalty cards
for your customers

Apple Wallet Card Push Notification

The card of a regular customer is a visiting card your brand

Issue and service of all types of digital bonus and discount cards, coupons and gift certificates, tickets for events and transportation. All for your convenience customers, your savings and effective interaction with your customers.

Customer orientation

Close attention to your consumer is the most important aspect marketing strategy of any company that cares about its future.

Benefits of digital cards

Use of digital loyalty cards based on Apple Wallet system programs and Google Wallet or on the basis of the most popular messengers Viber or Telegram allows you to increase convenience using the card for the client and establishing effective communication with him.

digital cards of regular customers are rapidly replacing plastic cards thanks to its interactivity: changing the design of the card, displaying the client's current balance, messages with a personal offer, informing about new arrivals or the beginning advertising campaign, use of micro and geolocation.

And all this without downloading and installing third-party applications.

Benefits of digital cards

Apple Wallet and Google Wallet cards

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The Apple Wallet program is a system program for making contactless payments bank cards with Apple devices, and Google Wallet with Android-based devices.

By placing your loyalty cards in these programs, your customers won't have to download additional ones programs, carry a plastic card or dictate your phone number to search for a card by phone number in your database.

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Loyalty cards based on the most popular Viber messengers and Telegram

Telegram icon Viber icon Background

Using a chatbot in the loyalty program allows for automatic registration new clients, searching for a client in the database, presenting the client's card for debiting or accrual of bonuses or providing a discount, sending promotional messages, collecting feedback and many other functions.

The most convenient way to use the card for the client is to access the card using the phone's camera and QR code or with the help of an NFC tag, as in contactless payment.

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Bonus program for small business

Especially for businesses that don't use CRM or POS systems, or don't have the option to use the bonus program in your accounting system, we offer a simple and convenient program loyalty using Apple Wallet cards or chatbots.

Its main feature is ease of use. For accruing and deducting bonuses the seller's mobile phone is used as a scanner, and accrual and debit reports presented in Excel format.

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There are solutions for any type and scale of business

Supermarket or online store, coffee shop or restaurant, cinema or concert (event) organizer, service station or car wash, sports club or insurance company the company - we will issue or replace plastic cards with digital ones: cards of regular customers, subscriptions, tickets, club cards, coupons, certificates.

Card Examples

Our rates are affordable for any, even the smallest business

digital loyalty cards instead of plastic ones with automatic customer registration in 1 click

from 500₴

≈ $15 / 15 €

digital cards with a ready-made loyalty program

from 500₴

≈ $15 / 15 €

Various integration options with your POS and/or CRM system

from 500₴

≈ $15 / 15 €

Individual solutions according to your needs