Integration of Loyal Cards with various POS and CRM systems

Integration of
loyalty cards
with various accounting systems

The principle of integration

The goal of digital card integration is to reduce manual operations and data synchronization, which are displayed on the customer card, with your CRM or POS system.

When integrating digital loyalty cards into your accounting, CRM or POS system, we comply principle of minimum intervention We use the minimum number of transfer requests and obtaining data necessary for the correct operation of digital cards and the convenience of the client.

Select the system you need to integrate with:

Synchronization of data between CRM/POS and digital cards

When integrating digital loyalty cards with your accounting, CRM or POS system synchronization of the status of the client's bonus account, the size of the discount or the bonus accrual percentage.

When accruing or deducting the customer's bonuses, changing his status, percentage of discount or interest accrual of bonuses, a push message or message is sent to the client's phone in the messenger about the balance change and the current data is displayed on the card.

Client registration

Client registration and receiving a card can be done in several ways:

Self-registration by the client

In this scenario, the new customer scans the QR code or follows the link and fills out registration data sent to your accounting system, CRM or POS to check availability this client in the database or creating a new client.
After filling out the questionnaire, the client immediately receives your digital card.

Client registration by your employee

This scenario involves your employee registering the customer at the time of purchase. The same as when using plastic cards.
After registering a customer in your CRM, POS or accounting system, a creation request is sent digital card of a new client. A digital card is created, and the client receives an SMS or email a letter with a link to save the digital card in his phone.

Registered issue of cards for existing customers

If you already have a large number of customers and want to to issue virtual cards, you can use the registered issue of loyalty cards.
To issue a large number of digital cards to existing customers, it is enough to download the register from your database and upload it to our service. After creating the cards, you can send the message to customers with individual links for obtaining an digital personal card.