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Katherina Cushing

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Examples of using
digital cards
in business

Bfresh loyalty card in Apple Wallet

Bonus card in the network of modern fresh markets Bfresh

The Bfresh chain of stores has a multi-level bonus loyalty program. The amount of bonus accrual depends on the amount spent across the entire chain of stores.

The client is registered by the store staff in the accounting program. During the registration process, an digital loyalty card is created and sent to the client via SMS to the phone number specified during registration.

Depending on the client's device, it is suggested to save the card in Apple Wallet if he uses iPhone or Google Wallet if he uses an Android phone.

The client's current balance is displayed on the client's card, and if it changes, he receives a message.

MULTIPLEX and PLANET KINO cinema tickets in Apple Wallet

Cinema ticket

digital tickets are used when buying tickets online.

After successful payment, the payer is redirected to the ticket saving page. It is possible to save the ticket in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet

Bakhchisarai cafe loyalty card in Apple Wallet

digital card in
Family Cafe "Bakhchisarai"

The cafe uses a bonus loyalty program. digital cards are synchronized with the institution's POS system. Advertising PUSH messages are sent. Guests are informed about accrual or withdrawal of bonuses.

To receive a card, the guest scans the QR code located on the table and fills out an online questionnaire. These questionnaires are sent to the institution's accounting system for registering a new guest. After successful registration, the client receives a card.

NOVUS loyalty card in Viber

Loyalty card
Novus in Viber

Loyalty cards in the Novus supermarket chain are implemented on the basis of the Viber chatbot.

To register in the loyalty program and receive an digital card, you need to scan the QR code located in the store.

To familiarize yourself with the functionality of the loyalty bot, go to link from your phone and follow the instructions.

METRO cash & carry loyalty card in Viber

Loyalty card
METRO cash & carry in Viber

METRO cash & carry loyalty cards are implemented on the basis of the Viber chatbot.

If you are METRO customer, you can check the performance of the loyalty bot by going to link from your phone by allowing Viber to open.

WINETIME loyalty card in Telegram

Loyalty card
WINETIME in Telegram

Cards of regular customers of the WINETIME restaurant network are implemented on the basis of the Telegram chatbot.

To get a WINETIME bonus card, follow the link from your phone and allow Telegram to open.

MEGASPORT loyalty card in Telegram

Loyalty card
MEGASPORT in Telegram

A simple solution for replacing customers' plastic cards and registering new participants in the MEGASPORT loyalty program.

You can register in the program and evaluate the functionality by going to link.