Loyalty cards in Viber

Viber chatbot
replacement of plastic loyalty cards

Viber is one of the most popular messengers installed on almost every phone

digital bonus or discount loyalty cards based on Viber are the most convenient for The client's way of receiving and presenting the card: without searching in the wallet or phone, without installing programs without dictating your number.

Customer registration

Using a QR code or contactless NFC technology allows the client to register in to your loyalty program in just 2 clicks, because we use his Viber registration data.

Card presentation

Presentation of the card - in one touch! All you need is to bring the phone to the NFC or point the camera at the QR and the card is ready to scan.


Collection of feedback and offers from customers after each visit and presentation of the card. It can be both text messages and photos.
The administrator receives the message instantly.


We offer simple integration with popular CRM and POS systems (Poster, SmartTouch, iiko...). The barcode can be made in the form of a linear or two-dimensional code (Code128, PDF417, QR)

Loyalty program

An easy-to-use bonus program, including the popular "Every 7th Free" promotion. The loyalty program allows you to assign and remove a "seller", view statistics accrual and write-off of bonuses for sellers and customers, receive accrual register in EXCEL.

And all this without downloading and installing third-party applications.